With the Community

M.A.D.S. frequently contributed to Carnival week with such popular productions as Carnival Capers, featuring monologues by the late Molly Francis, and the Carnival Revue, hosted by the late Peter Brewer.
One year a successful, humourous entry in the procession; No Litter in Three Acts won the Rutter Shield for the Society.
Since then they have regularly paraded in the costumes of their latest productions
In 2008 Maggie Durkee won best dressed collector in the Prince Charming costume from the production of Cinderella.

M.A.D.S. has also been a regular contributor to the Church Fete.
Amongst the stones of St Michael's churchyard, the Pied Piper has led children and rats, Noah has sailed his ark and King John has signed the Magna Carta.
A rather wet Victorian wedding party was notable for its reluctant young bridegroom, complete with stereo walkman, who had to be financially induced to play the part!

Collaboration with other local groups has also resulted in some notable productions:
In December 1974 Mere Drama Society joined with Mere Cub Scouts, Mere Manor Youth Band and staff and pupils of the Duchy Manor School to present Sing Nowell - A Christmas Journey for Children and in 1993 with Gillingham School for a production of Larkrise to Candleford.

M.A.D.S. also get involved in the local Literary Festival, providing readers for the poetry and prose sessions, supporting workshops on play writing and dressing up in suitable costumes to provide atmosphere for other presentations.
As part of the 2009 festival they reprised their award winning productions of The Annotator and Handles.