Profit & Loss

The fortunes of Mere Drama Society have certainly been varied.

In 1948 a production of Outward Bound realised a profit of 8 15s. 10d. - not bad when many locals worked a 55 hour week for a lot less. It was then decided to make a donation of 10 to Mere Football Club, so a profit turned into a loss.

Ambitious plans to build our own theatre in the late 50s came to nought and the money raised from the 'buy a brick' campaign was put to purchasing Exit lights for the Lecture Hall.

In 1994 A Tomb With A View netted 633 in ticket sales but set against that were expenses which included 147 for royalties, 120 for the hire of the hall for rehearsals and performances, 40 for the construction of a new flat, 60 for set design, 20 for props and 20 for the insurance of the advertising banner.

In the spring of 2003 an epic production of Voyage of the Jumblies with 25 children taking part struggled to make a profit of 70.

It is a credit to our founder members that they were able to donate a percentage of profits to charity. Sadly in modern times, like many professional theatres, it becomes more difficult to make ends meet. It is hoped that each production will make enough profit to pay the overheads, finance the next production and continue to upgrade equipment for future generations.

Grateful thanks go to all those who have worked for the society past and present.